Selection Process

The Canadian selection process for the Danone Nations Cup is open to all U-12 players in the country.

Registration for the selection camps is free and can be done on this website by clicking here!

Free registration - Limited registration

50 players per camp - Invited players only

12 players per team - Canada White vs Canada Red

12 players team

Danone will mark its 100th anniversary in 2019, and the Danone Nations Cup is celebrating with a special edition of the World Final. In an epic soccer double feature, both the 2018 and 2019 World Finals (boys and girls) will take place in Spain, the birthplace of Danone, in 2019

Spain 2019
1st Step
Selection Camps
Open camps

Camps open to all players - free registration.

All players in the country can register for the camps.

All selected players must attend the second step of selection.

Number of players selected for the 2nd step:

+/- 50 girls, +/- 50 boys

2nd Step
Provincial camps
Invited players only

Note that this stage of the selection process will be organized in Montreal and Toronto only. It will take place on the Sunday following the camps open to all.

Number of players selected for the 3rd stage: 24 girls and 24 boys

3rd Step
Canadian Final
Provincial finalists

Girls and boys will be divided into two teams of 12 players:

Canada Red and Canada White.

The final will be played 8 to 8, with two half-time of 25 minutes. The winning team will represent Canada at the Danone Cup!

4th Step
World Final
National finalists

Danone Nations Cup: 2018 & 2019 Editions

This special event will pay tribute to not only the thousands of young athletes from around the world, but also to Danone's 100 years of bringing health through food to as many people as possible.

Final event details are coming soon.

DNC Coach
Dean Howie
  • DNC Canada Head Coach since 2001
  • Canadian Soccer Association - National ‘B’ License
  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America - NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
  • 25 years experience coaching at the Club, Provincial Teams, College, University, and National Training Centre (CNHP)
  • NCCP Coaching Course Facilitator
  • Head Coach of AAA Champlain College Cavaliers - 2007 National CCAA Champions, 5 time RSEQ Provincial Champions
  • Former Assistant Technical Director - ARS Rive Sud
  • Former Technical Director – ARS Lac-Saint-Louis
  • Canadian College Coach of the Year 2007
  • 6 times Quebec College Coach of the year
DNC Coach
Pat Raimondo
  • Head Coach of the Carabins at Université de Montréal since 2001.
  • Team Canada-Quebec Manager at the Jeux de la Francophonie 2017 in Ivory Coast.
  • Team Canada Head Coach at the 2007 Universiade in Thailand and 2013 in Russia.
  • Team Canada Assistant Coach at the 2009 Universiade in Serbia and 2003 in Korea.
  • Head coach of the technical staff of the Lac St-Louis Regional Soccer Association from 2000 to 2004.
  • Head coach of the Redmen at McGill University from 1994 to 2000.
  • Internship with the Montreal Impact in 2000.
  • Head Coach of the West Island AAA Lakers and Teams of Quebec for several years.
DNC Stars
Canadian Team
2017 Team
1st row

Carmya Mastrangelo, Anaïs Van Doesburg, Rosalie Olou, Ava Greco, Naomi Kato, Victoria Godinho

2nd row

Katerina Vassilounis, Alexia Ntakos, Sabrina Bambozzi, Nyema Ingleton, Jade Bordeleau, Angelina Kristic, Nellie Sigman

Canadian Team
2017 Team
1st row

Jordan Hendriks, Tremaine Henry, Ethan Danso, Guy-Marcel Sany Kong Abe,Emilian Ioan Blaga, Daniele Mastroianni

2nd row

Hadi Assaad, Nathan Karanganwa, Benjamin Penticost, Julien Khoury, Loic-Fabien Sany Kong Boumsong, Cyrann Essindi

Canadian Team
2016 Team
1st row

Marqús Barnes, Abdul Hamad, Nathan-Dylan Saliba, Anthony Arruda, Taehyeon Lim, Claire Rea.

2nd row

Patrick Leduc, Matthew Plaath, Dubem Obilo, Lucas Basmadjian, Marcus Allen, Bryce Golding, Olivia Smith.

Canadian Team
2015 Team
1st row

Brandon Torresan, Haroun Iratni, Keera Melenhorst, Éli Fonta-Belfort, Hugo Spinola.

2nd row

Dean Howie, Julian Tersigni, Benjamin Kaplan, Naomy Flores-Cassista, Luka Vujicic, Jules-Anthony Vilsaint, Stefano Capano, Tomas Giraldo Ortiz, Sara Maglio.

Canadian Team
2014 Team
1st row

Sara Maglio, Connor Manuel, Arjun Mann, Benjamin Collins, Cameron Hare, Juvraj Kooner, Dean Howie.

2nd row

Massud Habibullah, Owen Antoniuk, Gausu Dukuly, Damiano Pecile, Gianmarco Plenzik, Grace Moore, Reagan MacKenzie.

Canadian Team
2013 Team
1st row

Yannick Laurent, Yann Toulay, Aguyb Konaré, Jessica De Filippo, Emily Lazenby, Zakaria Bahous, Karim Konaré.

2nd row

Dean Howie, Ronaldo Marshall, Carson Larabie, Jérémie Couture, Nicolas White, Liam Outlaw, Guillaume Rochon.

Canadian Team
2012 Team
1st row

Wesley Thomas Lanca Timotéo, Bradley Eghosa Ogbevuon, Steffen Yeates, David Chung, Yohan Le Bourhis, Shawn Rojas, Julian Manno.

2nd row

Karim Konaré, Koebe Isen, Emy Dorval, Mollie Eriksson, Tristan Torresan, Filip Rakic, Yohann Bwem.

Canadian Team
2011 Team
1st row

Anyssa Ibrahim, Levonte Johnson, Zorhan Bassong, Mathieu Choinière, Andres Charles, Malyk Hamilton.

2nd row

Ashley Farzanali-Turgeon, Dontaye Whittaker, Adonijah Reid, Jude Mbamgi, Simon Spenard-Lapierre, Drew Nicholson, Brogan Engbers, Bola Avolonto.